OCWEN and Nationstar Short Sale Approved in Bristow!

ocwen short sale negotiated


Our clients owed $225,000 on their first trust to OCWEN and the bank accepted the buyers offer of $215,000! After closing cost, the bank will get $177K which is a loss of almost $50K!

nationstar short sale approvalOur clients second trust was with Nationstar. We were able to negotiate and get all the deficiency rights waived. They owed $12,000 on this loan and it is being paid out of the total payment for the house from the sales contract.

All short sales require the bank’s approval before they can be closed on. Normally, when you write an offer on a short sale, you have to wait, sometimes for months, to hear back whether the bank accepts your offer. If there are multiple mortgages on the property, each lender involved must approve the price before moving forward with the sale.

It takes an in depth understanding and sometimes strong relationships with the banks to negotiate and get these approvals for our clients. Great job team in getting these approvals from both banks! We are so happy that our clients can move on from this financial burden!

If you are in a possible short sale situation and want to get more information about the process, please call us. We would like to help you understand what you need to know about a short sale and if you qualify! We have successfully sold over 350 short sales! Yours may be next!

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