Short Sale with Three Trusts Approved from All Three Banks!


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This type of short sale is very uncommon and a crazy transaction! It is very tricky to get this done and to closing on time! We are lucky to have an amazing team that has great negotiation skills and gets the trickiest of short sales sold!
Nationstar is the first trust. Bank of America is the second trust and Navy Federal Credit Union is the third trust! Here are the approval letters from all three banks for your research purposes!
nation star short sale approval letter
   Navy federal credit union short sale approval letterbank of america short sale approval letter

There is almost always an audible sigh of relief from our short sale clients when they get a contract on their home. Even though the process still continues because in many cases, we have to go to the bank to negotiate with them to accept that offer. There is still such great relief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this frustrating financial situation. This case is a hard one because we have to time getting the approvals and getting to closing before each banks time frame. But we are getting near the end! And our clients are patiently waiting and hopeful!

Being underwater on your home can feel like such a burden. If you owe more on your home than it is worth and you live in the Northern Virginia, DC metro area, please give our team a call. We would love to talk you through the process and see if you qualify for a short sale. We have successfully sold over 350 short sales and would love to make yours a success story too!

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