There are a lot of hoops a seller must jump through when selling their home. With a good realtor, you should have no issues and no big “uh oh’s” especially if you do not do the following:


1. Stick around for showings

A buyer wants to see your house, not you. They cannot be totally honest or open with their spouse or realtor with you in ear shot, It definitely feels uncomfortable and distracting if the owner sticks around during a showing. LEAVE and let the buyer have some privacy to invade your privacy;)

2. Leave Odors

Do not cook fish or light all the candles in the house before a showing. Strong smells, especially bad smells, can be extreme turn offs to a potential buyer. Even good smells can be distracting and may make a buyer think you are covering up for another odor in the home. Use fabreze to get rid of any odors and do not add any more to the mix.

3. Leave lights off

Buyers need light to view your home. Walking into a dark and dreary home with all the shades drawn and lights off will send a buyer right back out the door. Create a warm environment by turning on the lights and opening all the blinds and curtains,

4. Leave Your Pets

What if a potential buyer has allergies? Fear of certain animals? Pet peeves about fur or animal pee? Or worse, fall in love with your pet instead of your house! Leaving a pet can discourage a potential buyer and keep their mind from falling in love with your home.

5. Block off showing times and rooms

A buyer needs an OPEN schedule to view an OPEN house. This means try to be as flexible as possible so more buyers can view your home. And do not lock or block off any area of your home. A buyer needs to be able to have access so they are able to make a decision about the home.

If you are selling your home in the Northern Virginia area and need some more tips on how to avoid any mistakes, please give our team a call!