Paint Colors Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

There is much debate on what paint colors are the best to use when you are selling your home. Is it even worth repainting if a buyer may not like your choice of paint?  The paint in your home is an amazingly cheap and easy way to update and freshen up your home’s exterior and interior and is well worth the thought, money and effort to make your home stand out among the competition.

As a buyer walks into your home, your goal is to help them make an emotional connection and visualize themselves living there. This can be very hard for many buyers because it is estimated that over %90 of buyers cannot visualize the potential of a space if the decor, colors, and carpeting are not their personal taste. T0 remedy this, there have been surveys to find out what is the most popular and accepted paint colors on exterior and interior of homes.

Exterior Colors

As boring as it may sound, white is the most popular color for the exterior of a home. White on your exterior can actually make your home look bigger, it makes the house look clean and fresh and it makes your landscape stand out against the white home. You can also use a darker color for the trim to make the details in the trim pop out.

The next most popular color that is good for the exterior is beige. Although that may sound bland, beige can blend in well with wooded or landscaped areas.

Also, take into account that where you live may determine what exterior colors you should use. If you live in the south near the beach, brighter colors are more popular for homes. A Victorian home pops when the trim is a fun color and helps the detailing stand out. If you live in a traditional suburban neighborhood,  colors like soft blues, greys, and whites do well and blend well with the landscape.

Interior Colors

Living Rooms

The most popular interior colors for the living spaces are in the earthy tones and hues.

Browns, tans, creams, and greens do well in living rooms, dining rooms, and dens. People need to feel comfortable, warm, and invited and the earth tones help set that mood. Decor also looks great on these neutral backgrounds which helps potential buyers be able to picture their own items on the walls.


Rooms that are used for resting or relaxing such as bedrooms or sun rooms benefit from blue tones. Blue is such a calming color and it helps people think of a sunny day and calming environments.

Soft grays are acceptable in bedrooms and living areas as well. Gray is a more modern color that is gaining popularity and is especially well taken in modern condos, lofts, and town homes. If you have a more traditional home, than you may want to stick with more traditional colors.

So far, all these colors may have put you to sleep. Although they sound boring, they really will help the buyers feel comfortable and connected to the home.

Your kitchen and bathrooms are where you can use a little more color splash to spice up your space. Bathrooms can look great in darker hues like a plum purple or slate blue. Using a more colorful approach in your bathroom, which is a small space, can leave an imprint in a buyer’s mind about that space so it is not forgettable.


 Kitchens are usually the most popular room in a home so you need to take care of the color choice and decor.

But you can get away with more bold colors such as orange, red and yellows. These colors help people think of food and can be great wall colors especially as an accent wall in kitchens. Blue and gray in kitchens are also a more modern look for the more modern neighborhood and home.


Bathrooms are another great place to add a splash of color. Whether you chose to do a crisp white spa-like feel with some bright accents in decor, or a bold wallpaper or color, bathrooms can definitely make a statement to buyers. Brighter colors are becoming more trendy in bathrooms but if you do not know what you are doing it can be a nightmare. Stick with a neutral paint and fun pops of color in the towels and curtain if you are not confident in your decorating skills.

Updating your home with fresh paint can help your home stand out among the competition. Using more accepted paint colors can also help ease a buyers mind when they are thinking about what work needs to be done. They will be very happy that painting will not have to be on the list. Fresh paint adds interest, looks clean, helps buyers notice the room, and can be a huge help in getting your home sold fast!

If you are still unsure of what colors you should use, ask your realtor their advice. They know the area, the comparable properties and what has sold. They can give you tips for what will market well in your home type and area.